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New Nutrition Labels: 5 Important Changes

Finally, the FDA is catching up with reality. And Michelle Obama is one of the people you can thank for this beneficial change.

By mid-2018, all packaged foods will be required to contain the updated Nutrition Facts labels. There are many changes, including larger type for calories, number of servings, and serving size, as well as a new category—added sugars. Michelle Obama, who has focused her First Lady efforts on promoting healthier lifestyles, first proposed updating the label 2 years ago.

Packaged foods have listed key ingredients and other information on standardized nutrition labels since 1994 under a mandate from the Food and Drug Administration. The nutrition label has not been updated in more than 20 years, despite the change in food consumption patterns.

Serving size has substantially increased. For example, a single soda serving was previously calculated at 8 ounces and a single ice cream serving was ½ cup. For the new label, those serving sizes have been reformulated to reflect what people are actually consuming—12 ounces for soda and 2/3 cup for ice cream. These updated calculations increase both the per serving calorie count as well as the cost/serving.

Most Prominent Changes

  1. Much Larger Type

A much larger type at the top of the label highlights calories, serving size and servings per package


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Why You Need a Healthcare Buddy

Danger Everywhere

Using our healthcare system can be dangerous to your health. Of late,  the media has been filled with reports of life-threatening superbug infections caused by an invasive scope used to assess gastrointestinal health. It took the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) 3 years to discover that Olympus, the maker of the scope causing infections at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center, was responsible because Continue reading Why You Need a Healthcare Buddy

Read ALL the Side Effects for Your Rx

All drugs have side effects. Even if you don’t take any prescription drugs, you’ve certainly seen the TV ads that spend far more time on the drug’s side effects than on what the medication is designed to treat.

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FDA Finds More Trouble With Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies are licensed by state authorities to prepare specialized drug orders for individuals with a doctor’s prescription. Whereas most do, some have developed large production operations, preparing bulk medications for clinics and hospitals without prescriptions for individual patients.

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