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Dehydration Dangers

Recently, I traveled from my home in Santa Monica to my favorite desert spa in record 121° heat. At 10 pm, it was still 106°. During my three days there, I drank liquid continuously. I estimate 16-20, 8-ounce cups daily. During such severe heat, people become very sensitive to dehydration. But it’s important to stay adequately hydrated year-round.

Dehydration Causes

Dehydration can happen for many reasons besides heat exposure, including as a side effect of prescribed medications; diarrhea; excessive sweating; loss of blood; diseases, such as diabetes; as well as the effects of aging

Dehydration Symptoms

If you notice your mouth is dry and you’re tired, see what happens once you drink some purified water. If you immediately perk up, that’s feedback that you were dehydrated. Dehydration can range from mild to severe. Severe dehydration can be life-threatening. If you develop severe diarrhea with or without vomiting, fever, moderate diarrhea for 24 hours, bloody stool, or you can’t drink any liquids, get professional treatment as soon as possible. Chronic dehydration may affect your organs and lead to kidney stones; increased cholesterol; constipation; liver, joint, and muscle damage, as well as impaired balance. Continue reading Dehydration Dangers